The product of comprehensive insurance for persons traveling in Ukraine "Coronavirus_UA" is an insurance product from IC "INGO" providing services for the organization of observation, organization of treatment and medical services in cases of COVID-19 diseases for non-residents of Ukraine.

Insurance conditions "Coronavirus_UA":

  • Any person who is not a citizen of Ukraine can be the insured
  • Age of the insured person - children and adults without restrictions
  • Observation coverage on the territory of Ukraine
  • The insurance period is 31 days, regardless of the quarantine regime in Ukraine
  • Insurance indemnity 30,000 UAH.
  • Cost - 600 UAH.

Coverage of expenses:

  • Treatment costs in case of Covid-19 disease
  • Expenses for conducting a forced observation on the territory of Ukraine
  • Covid-19 fatal costs

Special conditions - insurance payments are made exclusively for risks / cases confirmed by documents necessary to settle the case.



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