The MASTER-SERVICE service package is a unique offer, which is the only product that combines real estate insurance for individuals (apartments and private houses) against arson, natural disasters, gulf, vandalism and repair services (locksmiths, plumbers). , electrical work) in case of emergencies during the operation of such housing.

Advantages of the package of services HOME ASSISTANCE "MASTER-SERVICE"

  1. Includes two contracts at one price: a contract of home assistance and a contract of insurance of real estate (apartments and private houses).
  2. This is your locksmith, plumber and electrician in one contract.
  3. This is one phone for solving all issues related to the elimination of accidents in the apartment / private house, as well as for the settlement of insurance cases related to your property in case of arson, flood, vandalism, natural disaster.
  4. Can be an original gift for loved ones, such as elderly parents or children who live far away from you.
  5. Simplicity and ease of design.

The program covers the risks of:

  • Arson – damage or destruction of insured property as a result of fire caused by intentional actions of individuals who had criminal intentions.
  • Flooding – sudden and unforeseen influx of water and / or other liquids and / or steam due to an accident of water supply, sewerage, heating, fire-fighting systems, as well as the penetration of water from neighboring premises through the roof.
  • Vandalism – damage or destruction of the insured property as a result of intentional actions of third parties, including the consequences of attempted or attempted burglary and / or robbery.
  • Natural disasters – storm, hurricane, tornado, whirlwind, strong wind, squall, hail, heavy snowfall, heavy rain, heavy rain, earthquake, landslide, rockfall, ice frostbite.

The sum insured of the apartment / house is UAH 10,000.

List of services:

1. Plumbing works: 2. Locksmith works: 3. Electrical works:
- elimination of leakage; - repair / replacement / insertion of locks; - installation, connection, replacement of sockets and switches, cartridges;
- minor repairs; - emergency opening of locks. - wiring diagnostics;
- installation of equipment. - repair and emergency works;
- detection of damage and violations of the connection to the mains.

The term of the contract is 1 year

Package cost:

Price, UAH: Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Cost of works 1000 1500 2000
The price of the master service is 300 400 500



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