Protection of interests

Protection of interests is a unique offer from the insurance company "ASKA" and the law firm "ADVA", combining insurance of financial risks of the owner of a card account against fraud and legal services (legal assistance).

Benefits of the "Protection of Interests" service package

  1. The client is given a choice of three service packages (depending on the number of legal consultations).
  2. The territory of the agreement is the whole world.
  3. There is no franchise.
  4. Insurance of hryvnia and foreign currency accounts and all cards to them.
  5. Providing legal support related to any area of ​​life.
  6. A convenient way of communication and round-the-clock support of ASKA and ADVA contact centers for each client (mobile application, contact center, Telegram: @ADVAuaBot, Viber: +380951763830, Skype: advoservice; E-mail:

The program covers the following risks:

Insurance from IC ASKA:

  • Illegal receipt of cash from a card account;
  • Illegal payment from a card account in a trade and service network with a lost / stolen card;
  • A cover on the ATM, with the help of which the card data was stolen;
  • The most common risk - "Social engineering" - is the psychological impact of fraudsters on a person who himself tells and transmits the card number, CVV code, word-password, OTP-password.

Legal assistance from ADVA (the client can contact the company's lawyers on any issues):

  • Loan obligations - debt restructuring, refinancing, communication with collectors;
  • Family law - collection of alimony, establishment of paternity, registration of guardianship, divorce, inheritance;
  • Consumer protection - replacement of defective goods, refund of money for goods of inadequate quality or services provided;
  • Labor law - payments in connection with dismissal, registration of leave, registration of sick leave, disputes with the employment service;
  • Violation of traffic rules - appeal against police decisions, registration of an accident, recovery of the amount of damage from the perpetrator of the accident;
  • Real estate transactions;
  • Business and tax law, etc.

The term of the contract is 1 year

Sum insured - UAH 10,000.


250 грн.

1 (one) legal advice


320 грн.

2 (two) legal advice


450 грн.

2 (two) legal advice and 1 (one) preparation of a package of documents



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