Securely store your material values and documents in individual safes.



  • You do not have to inform the bank about the subject of storage


  • The security and absolute confidentiality of your safe content
  • Individual safes are located in a special certified bank repository
  • Isolated premises for use of a safe.


  • You have access to the repository throughout the bank's operational day
  • The right to use the safe may be provided by you to another person by drawing up a notarized power of attorney
  • The choice of individual safe boxes of the required size for any term
  • The lease contract can be extended for any term, regardless of the initial term of the lease.

Required documents:

  • Passport or other identity document;
  • Certificate of Assigning a Taxpayer Identification Number.

The service is available at the offices at:

  • Branch "Central" - the city of Dnipro, street. Resurrection (Lenin), 17
  • Department of "Gogolivske" - the city of Dnipro, st. Gogol, 1
  • Lychakivske branch - Lviv, st. Romanchuk, 2
  • Office "Obolonskoe" - Kyiv, st. Marshal Timoshenko, 21
  • Branch "Chervonoarmiiska" - Kyiv, street. Velyka Vasylkivska (Krasnoarmeyskaya), 112
  • Teatralnaya Branch - Kyiv, st. Bogdan Khmelnitsky, 36
  • Trostyanetskoy branch - Kyiv, st. Kharkiv highway, 152
  • Central office - Kyiv, st. Mechnikova, 3


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