Oil-press plant and elevator in the Poltava region

Oil-press plant and elevator in the Poltava region

Oil Press Plant.
Elevator and MPZ.

Oil Press Plant:

  • Address: Poltava region, Lokhvytsky district, with. Decisive, street Komarova / Zhovtneva (the area of the land plot is 2.3 ha).
  • Technologically, the enterprise is equipped for sunflower processing and includes:

- Oil-press plant (МРЗ), processing capacity up to 300 tons / day. sunflower;
- storage capacity for receiving and storage of agricultural products, capacity of simultaneous storage on grains up to 43 thousand tons (including silos capacity - 9,8 thousand tons of storage);
- storage capacity for receiving and storing agricultural products, in the case of sunflower processing, is 17 thousand tons (including silos type capacity - 5 thousand tons of storage);

  • The enterprise mainly operated as an MPP, but could also be used as a logistic complex for receiving / purifying / drying and storage of agricultural products (outdoor storage and silo silos).
  • A new boiler house was built using husk as a fuel.


  • Address: Poltava region, Lokhvytsky district, with. Decisive, street 50 years of Soviet power, 1 (area of land - 11.3 hectares).
  • The complex of non-residential buildings and structures is an elevator of the outdoor storage - 12 stationary receiving points of grain with a total capacity of 2,000 tons. per night per monoculture.
  • The storage facilities of the elevator complex are fully mechanized - equipped with upper and lower conveyor galleries, rounded towers for receiving and unloading grain, aspiration fans and active ventilation of grain during storage.
  • The elevator has 3 stationary drying zones, 4 zones of aspiration and grain cleaning, as well as mobile aggregates for preliminary grain cleaning directly in storage areas.

Elevator and MPZ:

  • located near the railway station Sencha (Southern Railway);
  • the objects have a separate gas branch, GDP in the territory;
  • Elevator and RPZ are equipped with the necessary communications: power lines, transformer substations (there are on each elevator section), single-hole tower with well, plumbing systems, fully gasified.

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