Universal payment product, developed specially for employees of the fleet.


Possibility of billing in the following currency: UAH, USD, EUR, RUB, GBP*

Possibility to get more cards issued (conditions depend on the selected package)

FREE joining GSM-BANKING service


Automatic informing function about performed financial transactions, which allows you to obtain information about the movement of funds using SMS messages to your mobile phone, it is connected automatically when buying the package.

FREE withdrawals at ATMs of Bank Credit Dnepr


If you are planning some valuable purchases, which require financial savings, but saving a certain amount is difficult, SMART ACCOUNT service will help. When paying with card of Credit Dnepr Bank in sales and service network throughout the territory of Ukraine there will be an automatic transfer carried out on your UAH deposit with possibility of replenishment or on AVAILABLE ASSETS account, for example:

  • Fixed amount for each payment – UAH 10.00, UAH 20.00, UAH 50.00, or UAH 100.00; OR
  • Fixed interest of the purchase sum – 5, 10, 20 or 50%; OR
  • Difference between the amount of each transaction and its rounded amount according to rounding index specified in the agreement, which can reach UAH 20.00, UAH 50.00, UAH 100.00 or UAH 200.00.

You have an opportunity to choose any option at your discretion.

Service advantages:

  • Automatic accumulation of funds with no need to waste time and efforts;
  • Personal choice of accumulation period and interest payment mode* – is applied to all UAH deposits with replenishment possibility, in particular on AVAILABLE ASSETS account;
  • Free service activation and replenishment of the selected account;
  • Remote account management via FreeBank Internet banking and control over payments via GSM banking.

* join the service in the Bank branch.


You don't need to visit the Bank in order to process payments. All you need is to make arrangement to the Bank, and the required amount is to be debited from your account or card every month.

How does it work?

You specify the details of the payee, the amount and periodicity of debiting. Then, in time specified by you the Bank will regularly transfer money from the card to the stated account.

Join the service in the Bank branch or via FreeBank Internet banking.

Applying for premium products and services (conditions depend on the selected package)

Additional revenue on a monthly basis through AVAILABLE ASSETS account

When buying the Classic card package AVAILABLE ASSETS account is activated, which is being charged with raised interest on the balance.


  • Free access to funds at any time
  • Replenishment of account with no limit;
  • Interest is charged daily and paid monthly, on the last business day of the month