Telemedicine accident insurance program "NV smart"

The NV smart program is an offer that combines accident insurance and the possibility of receiving urgent and routine medical consultations online 24/7

Benefits of the NV Smart program:

  • Payment for the most common injuries - burns, fractures, poisoning, internal injuries
  • Fast communication with a qualified doctor (audio, video communication) without leaving home in the direction of: therapist, pediatrician, gynecologist, ENT, cardiologist, neurologist, allergist, gastroenterologist, dermatovenerologist, traumatologist, urologist, endocrinologist
  • 24-hour expert consultations (therapists, pediatricians) and an unlimited number of them
  • The entire history of consultations in the patient's personal account
  • Access to the service through the website or mobile application
  • This is beneficial, because the cost of a contract for a year is equal to one consultation of a specialist in a commercial Medical Center.

Getting advice is possible:

  • with primary care in emergency situations
  • to prepare for the survey
  • based on the results of analyzes and examinations
  • on the state and prevention of health
  • for child care
  • "Second thought"
Insured events Sum insured Payments Age of the insured person

bodily injury in

as a result of the unfortunate


30 000 UAH.

from 1 to 100%

depending on the

the severity of the


from 1 to 65 years old


Insurance period: Insurance premium, UAH:

1 month


3 months


6 months


12 months



* За умови його наявності