• safety: the preservation of your funds is guaranteed not only by Credit Dnipro Bank, but also by the Individual Deposit Guarantee Fund
  • yield: high competitive rates on deposits in the Bank guarantee the preservation and increase of your funds both in hryvnia and in foreign currency, thanks to the accumulated interest on the deposit
  • convenience: flexible terms of accumulation of funds with the choice of periodicity of receiving interest;
  • online management of funds: remotely thanks to FreeBank internet banking

Our premium managers will provide the best offers and favorable conditions for placing a deposit in the Bank and will help you make a profitable financial decision. Also, your personal manager will inform you about new rates, programs and will track product expiration dates.

More about the deposit:

Фонд гарантування

JSC "Bank Credit Dnipro" is a member of the Deposit Guarantee Fund.

This means that during martial law and three months after it ends your deposit is protected by the state in full without limiting the amount. That is, the storage of savings in the bank is twice as reliable - you are sure of the return of your deposit and interest under any conditions.

Three months after the end of martial law (what we are all waiting for!) The guaranteed amount will be 600 thousand hryvnia.

More on DGF

Client joining Universal Banking Service Agreement clients-individuals of JSC "BANK CREDIT DNEPR" provides for their consent to all the terms and conditions for the provision of banking services and the procedure for concluding agreements specified therein.
The Client has the right to cancel the Bank Deposit Agreement if such a possibility is provided for in the Bank Deposit Agreement.
According to the Bank Deposit Agreement, the Client may be provided with for additional and related services of the Bank related to settlement and cash services of the Deposit Account. Payment for for additional and related services under the Agreement is made in the amount, within the terms and in the manner determined by the UGBO and the Bank's Tariffs posted at link.
The client may refuse to receive advertising materials through remote electronic service channels.
The bank does not have the right to make changes to agreements concluded with clients unilaterally, unless otherwise provided by agreement or law.
There may be consequences for the client if they use the banking service or according to the agreement.
Possible consequences for the client in the event of his untimely application to the bank for the return of funds raised under the bank deposit agreement are noted in the Bank Deposit Agreement.
The deposit is opened with automatic extension of the term.
The Client can cancel the automatic extension of the term at any time from the date of opening the deposit until the end of the Operational time of the closing (return) date of the Deposit without signing additional agreements.
After the Client cancels the automatic extension of the deposit term on the expiration date of the deposit, the deposit amount is transferred to the client’s current account specified in his Deposit Agreement.
The bank is prohibited from requiring the client to purchase any goods or services from the bank or a related or associated person as a prerequisite for the provision of these services (except for the provision of a package of banking services)
The return of funds raised under a bank deposit agreement upon expiration of the deposit period is carried out to the current account specified by the client.
After termination of the agreement for the provision of banking services, including expiration, termination or execution of such an agreement, the client has the right to contact the bank with a request for information (certificate) regarding the fulfillment by the parties of the obligations established by the agreement.
Banking services are provided without the participation of a commercial agent

Essential characteristics of bank deposit service (Deposit)

ARCHIVE Conditions for attracting bank deposits of individuals and completed Shares