The Credit Dnepr Bank and the Agrarian Industrial Company (AIKo), as part of an affiliate program, offer farmers to purchase high-tech agricultural machinery and equipment from leading manufacturers on credit on favorable terms. Thus, the amount of the down payment is from 10% of the cost of equipment, the loan period can reach five years. The interest rate for the loan is from 11.3% per annum and depends on the loan term and the size of the down payment.

04 March 2019

Credit Dnepr Bank sincerely congratulates on the first day of spring and gives a festive mood to everyone who loves the sun, warmth, smiles, as well as those who subscribe to the financial institution's Facebook page.

01 March 2019

Credit Dnepr Bank participates in the 18th national exhibition of agrotechnologies Agroprom 2019, presenting to the professionals of the agrarian business a range of effective financial instruments and credit products adapted to their industry and seasonal needs.

28 February 2019

In 2018, Credit Dnepr Bank showed an increase in the number of active payment cards that outpaced the market: the number of cards issued by the bank for which at least one expenditure transaction was performed over the past three months increased by 15% during the year, their number exceeded 123.1 thousand. pieces In the market as a whole, this indicator grew by 6%, and the total number of active payment cards (36.9 million) for the first time exceeded the adult population of the country.

27 February 2019

Credit Dnepr Bank has improved the conditions of retail cash lending, increasing the maximum amount of cash loans to 500 thousand hryvnia. The client can choose the best loan period for himself - 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months - based on his financial plans and opportunities. A longer contract period implies a smaller monthly payment. Funds are issued without collateral and guarantees and can be used for any purpose.

25 February 2019