Current needs financing

The full production cycle for growing products is financed until its sale.
Using a bank loan for current needs, you can:
  • reely plan the time for the purchase of seeds, plant protection products, fertilizers, taking advantage of discounts and discounts from suppliers
  • buy better materials and increase your income
  • get help from bank managers in planning your expenses and income during the season and reduce banking costs

You choose the optimal instrument for financing working capital yourself; the bank sets a general limit for you and allows you to decide which product will be convenient.

We understand that the main value of production is time, so we try to customize all our products so that you can receive them exactly when it is most relevant.


This is a line of credit for financing running costs for production purposes.


  • the agro-manager together with the client determine the necessary and optimal amount of financing
  • a simple and clear package of documents is used
  • each next production season, the bank confirms financing under a simplified and expedited procedure
  • repayment schedule takes into account the specifics of the situation for each client


  • amount - up to 70% of the total expenses for the season
  • term - up to 18 months
  • loan repayment schedule - individual for each client
  • interest payment - monthly
  • pledge - machinery, equipment, vehicles, real estate
  • blank financing - an opportunity to get a loan without collateral up to UAH 2,000,000
  • financing cost - from 18% per annum
  • affiliate lending programs for the purchase of working capital for agribusiness (plant protection products, seeds, fertilizers, etc.)


  • ontact the agricultural manager in your region and agree on the time of his arrival to you
  • calculate the necessary amount with the manager and receive preliminary confirmation of the compliance of the amount with the requirements of the bank
  • provide the on-site manager with the necessary data for your company
  • get a final loan decision
  • sign the necessary documents


This is a financial instrument that allows you to work with suppliers of basic supplies with deferred payment and save on bank interest.
Using the bill avalanche service, you receive financing of your working capital needs at the best price. The deferral is provided to you by the supplier of plant protection products, seeds, and the bank guarantees payment for the materials you purchased in the future.


  • the limit of bill avalization is established simultaneously with the limit on working capital, you do not have to apply for it separately
  • the Bank will assist in the coordination with the vendor on bill of exchange usage and will simplify the receipt of the products


  • the grace in payment of supplies is charged by 4% per annum
  • using the bill you can purchase even exclusive items or seeds and you won't waste your working capital for this


  • contact your supplier and inform on your desire to pay by means of bill
  • call your personal agro manager and agree on the amount and period of the particular delivery for registration of bill and its avalization
  • sign the documents with provider, submit the bill and receive the item


Contact details of managers

  • Kyiv, Vinnytsia, Cherkasy, Zhytomyr regions:
    Ginailo Sergey, 068 594 20 73
  • Kharkiv, Sumy regions:
    Torianyk Andrii, 067 622 54 88, 066 953 96 77
    Polyovyk Anna, 050 966 49 23
  • Poltava, Kropyvnytsk regions:
    Vasetskyi Vitalii, 050 647 94 38
  • Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhia regions:
    Pidhornyi Mykola, 099 775 63 74, 067 687 25 73
    Alyoshin Alexander, 099 776 56 78
  • Mykolaiv, Kherson regions:
    Radik Andriy 098 362 16 99
    Demchuk Andriy 099 205 54 02
  • Odessa region:
    Kostkevich Viktoria 095 044 15 84
  • Chernihiv region:
    Tishkovets Elena, 050 356 53 62, 096 255 33 56
    Djevaga Kateryna, 099 759 05 49


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