Tariff package Starter

Order a package

Promotional tariff package with free service for the first 3 months from a reliable financial partner.

Benefits of the tariff package:

  • Free account opening
  • Free settlement and cash service of the account - 3 months
  • Free payments

Tariffs for basic services

Opening the first current / special account (including for the formation of the statutory fund) not charged
Settlement and cash services of the account (s) not charged
Provision of settlement services via communication channels
Provision of account statements:
Via telephone communication channels (SMS; E-mail; Voice information) not charged
Using remote service systems not charged
Making payments in national currency
Making payments using the remote service system:
Intrabank payments not charged
Weekend external payments during operational hours not charged
Crediting of non-cash funds to the Client's account not charged
Contractual debiting of funds from current accounts when concluding a relevant agreement with the Bank not charged
Cash services, cash transactions
Cash withdrawal from the current account in national currency 1.50%
min 100 UAH  
Acceptance of cash from the Client for crediting to his current account not charged

How do I open a package?

  • Visit the branch
  • Draw up an application for opening an account and provide the necessary package of documents
  • Sign contracts

Questions and answers:

+ How quickly is a current account opened?

The current account is opened within one business day.

+ Is it possible to manage the account online?

Yes. To do this, you must fill out an application of the appropriate form and sign a Service Agreement using the remote service system.

+ Until when do payments in national currency take place?

The Bank's operating time for making payments in national currency is from 9:00 to 17:30; The Bank's post-operating time for making payments in national currency is from 17:30 to 20:00


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