Car insurance

E - Autocivilka

Issue a policy OTSPV

Civil liability insurance for land vehicle owners is one of the most common and popular types of liability insurance worldwide.
The policy of OTSPV allows to compensate the damage and the losses caused to the car, health and life of the third parties.

СSum insured:

  • for damage to property of victims - UAH 130,000. for one victim.
  • for damage to life and health of victims - UAH 260,000. for one victim.

The Bank's client has an opportunity to purchase additional products within the framework of the offer "E - Avtocivilka 3 in 1"

    The voluntary insurance contract includes an additional coverage limit of UAH 100,000. up to UAH 1 million on the damage to property and life of the injured party and allows you to be completely calm in case of damage to even more expensive vehicles
  • CONSCIOUS PROTECTION (direct settlement under the OTSPV agreement) *
    for which there is an accident due to the fault of another driver who has a policy OTSPV, concluded in another insurance company. Payment for damage caused to the property of the insured, in the amount of up to 130 thousand UAH. carried out by INGO Insurance Company for 3 weeks.

* -this products are not issued separately, only if there is a policy OTSPV from IC INGO


+ Terms of insurance indemnity

1. Compensation for damage to the life and health of the victim includes:
  • the cost of treatment of the victim
  • compensation for income not received by the victim due to temporary disability
  • compensation for income not received by the victim due to permanent disability (due to disability)
  • death benefits: (payments to heirs and persons who were on the support of the victim)
  • the cost of burying the victim.
2.The minimum amount of insurance compensation for damage associated with permanent disability of victims of road accidents is:
  • In the case of establishing the first group of disability - 36 minimum wages (s / n) in the monthly amount established by law on the date of the insured event;
  • II group of disability-18 minimum salaries;
  • III group of disability - 12 minimum salaries;
  • In case of recognition of a minor as a child with a disability, 18 minimum wages.

+ Benefits and discounts

Benefit: 50% discount (in case of insurance of not more than one vehicle, engine capacity up to 2500 cm3, owned by a citizen of Ukraine under the condition of self-management of the vehicle), according to the Law "On compulsory civil insurance" responsibilities of owners of land vehicles "receive:

  • participants in the war;

  • invalids of the II group;

  • persons affected by the Chornobyl accident and classified in I and II categories;

  • retirees.

Exempted from the registration of the policy OTSPV:

  • combatants and war invalids as defined by law;
  • invalids of the I group who personally manage the vehicles belonging to them;
  • persons driving vehicles belonging to a disabled person of group I in his presence.



* За умови його наявності