16 January 2018

Following the results of 2017, the volume of the retail loan portfolio of the Credit Dnipro Bank increased 3.4 times, exceeding UAH 248 million. Only in the IV quarter of 2017 Ukrainians have issued in the financial institution more than 2 thousand loans in cash for 52 million UAH and more than 7.3 thousand credit cards with a total limit of 173 million UAH.

"The results of 2017 confirmed the correctness of the emphasis of our bank's business strategy on retail consumer lending," says Marina Dutlova, retail business director at Credit Dnipro Bank. - The level of income and effective demand of the population is gradually increasing, while the level of financial literacy is improving Ukrainian, their perception of credit banking products is improving as a convenient tool for financial planning and assistance. This is reflected, in particular, by the results of our December action "A Cozy Gift to Credit", in which about 900 clients issued cash loans totaling UAH 20.5 million, not only receiving the financial opportunity to realize their plans and dreams, but also an original compliment from the bank - Soft branded plaid. Today, the level of penetration of retail loans in Ukraine is one of the lowest in the region and is less than 10%, that is, the market potential is very high. We are confident that our ambitious plans in the area of retail consumer lending for 2018 will be realized thanks to targeted product offers for all customer groups, transparent conditions and convenience of obtaining funds, including the availability of a "last mile" credit.

Credit Dnipro Bank offers customers the choice of loans, depending on specific financial needs, in cash up to 200 thousand UAH for a period of up to 36 months or payment cards with a credit limit of up to 200 thousand UAH, with a grace period of up to 66 days and cashback 1 % in the form of bonuses in the framework of the loyalty program "Flight with taste". At the same time, all customers are guaranteed the opportunity to quickly make a decision, using a wide range of repayment channels and early payment of credit debts without penalty.

More information on the retail loan offers of the Credit Dnipro Bank can be found on the website under "Loans to individuals".


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