Bank Credit Dnipro took part in the 10th agricultural exhibition Battle of Agrotitans and joined the auction held by the exhibition organizers

31 August 2023

Bank Credit Dnipro took part in the 10th agricultural exhibition Battle of the Agricultural Titans, which took place on August 30 in the village of Steppe of the Bilotserkiv district of the Kyiv region and joined the online auction for the purchase of a pickup truck for our Heroes, which was held by the organizers of the exhibition.

At the exhibition, we met with those for whom work on the land and food security are a matter of life. Representatives of Credit Dnipro Bank provided professional consultations and held individual presentations of banking products and services for small and medium-sized enterprises from the agricultural sector.

Our colleagues established contacts with new partners, determined the level of demand for goods and services in order to achieve the maximum effect from participation in such an event.

Battle of the Agrotitans is an event at the all-Ukrainian level, where farmers from all over the country come together every year to see and evaluate various agricultural units in action.

The largest demonstration of equipment and technological solutions in Ukraine took place at the exhibition. Different agricultural units and producers worked in one field under the same conditions.

Bank Credit Dnipro provides agricultural enterprises with credit support under the state program "5-7-9% Affordable Loans". Funding can be used for the purchase of equipment, spare parts, plant protection products.

More details about agribusiness solutions here:

Credit Dnipro Bank is a Ukrainian commercial bank, it is among the TOP-20 financial institutions of Ukraine in terms of gross assets and, according to the classification of the National Bank of Ukraine, it is in the group of banks with private capital. 

According to the results of the half-year, it showed a profit of UAH 312 million based on the results of operations in the first half of 2023. The Bank's loan portfolio as of 07.01.23 is UAH 4,362 million, which is 13% more than the similar indicator as of 01.01.2023 year At the same time, the main growth occurred at the expense of corporate business.


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