Credit Dnipro Bank is one of the leaders of the financial market according to the "25 leading banks of Ukraine 2023" rating.

12 December 2023

On December 8, the leaders of the financial market were named at the Financial Club Awards-2023. According to the results of the annual analysis of the "Financial Club", Bank Credit Dnipro entered the "25 leading banks of Ukraine 2023" rating and took the leading positions in 5 nominations.

In particular, the bank entered the TOP-5 nominations "Classic deposit" and "Credit cards", as well as the TOP-10 nominations, such as "Cash credit", "Loans to SME, as well as individuals-entrepreneurs" and "Agricultural loans".

The bank continues to work, lend and provide financial services, taking into account the situation in the country and clearly sees the needs of its customers, is confident in its competences in the market and establishes partnerships. Maintaining the Bank's position on the market is the result of customer trust and the coordinated work of a professional team.

The "25 leading banks of Ukraine 2023" analysis is a project of the FINCLUB information agency. Traditionally, the basis for rating analysis is the monthly data of the National Bank, quarterly and annual reports, as well as internal information of banks, which is specially provided by institutions to the organizer of the analysis. The initial data are collected by means of a questionnaire. Banks are asked for information on more than 120 indicators. In the work on analyses, confidential data is used, which the banks share with the organizers. Some indicators are calculated specifically for analysis.

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"Financial Club" awarded leaders of the banking market (presentation)


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