Convenient cash withdrawal at supermarket and gas stations from the Mastercard card of Credit Dnipro Bank

20 August 2020
Mastercard scales the service "Cash at the checkout", offering from August 1, 2020 to use it at the checkouts of supermarkets "Silpo", "Fora", VARUS, as well as at filling stations WOG and OKKO. The service allows customers to get convenient and quick access to cash just at the checkout counter during daily purchases. To do this, when paying for the goods for any amount with a Mastercard card, you must notify the cashier of your desire to withdraw cash and confirm the transaction using the card's PIN code. The maximum amount of cash withdrawal per transaction is UAH 500, regardless of the purchase price. After confirming the transaction, the customer will receive checks with details of the purchase of goods and cash withdrawal.
"Cash on delivery service is a win-win solution for all participants in the process," says Taras Gorkun, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board for Retail Business and Digitalization of Credit Dnipro Bank. - For the client it is a convenient alternative to the ATM; the trading company saves on cash collection, and the bank receives an additional source of commission income and savings on the maintenance of a more expensive ATM network. In general, the service expands the channels of financial services for bank customers and motivates payment card holders not to withdraw cash in advance "just in case", but to do so if necessary at a convenient time and place. This approach helps to improve the payment infrastructure and increase the transparency of financial flows. "



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