Credit Dnepr Bank for the 7 months of 2018 has doubled the retail loan portfolio in cash

15 August 2018

The retail loan portfolio of Bank Credit Dnepr has doubled since the beginning of the year, reaching 193 million UAH as of the end of July. Such a compelling result is due to one of the best market conditions for credit offers, high quality customer service and effective marketing support. So, over three months of the action of "Television as a gift to a loan" action, more than 700 clients of financial institutions that issued cash loans received modern TVs as bonus, and the bank increased its retail loan portfolio by 44%.

"July has become the most successful month of the action despite the holiday season," said Oleksandr Stezko, Head of the Department of Product Development and Retail Business Projects of the Bank Credit Dnepr. - We issued in July about three hundred promotional loans for over 11.5 million USD. Making a loan in cash, our client can choose the optimal term for lending - 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months - due to their own financial capabilities. The longer term of the contract involves a smaller monthly payment. The average loan amount is 40 thousand UAH - it is a good help for repair, payment for summer vacation, study, large purchase. On the eve of the new academic year and the season of business activity, as well as taking into account the considerable interest in the action, we decided to extend its validity until September 14. We offer active and new clients to take advantage of our credit offer and receive a prize from the bank for financial rationalism. "
Under the terms of the action, all clients who have issued cash loans in the amount of 30 to 50 thousand UAH are guaranteed to receive a certificate that can be exchanged for a TV in the trading network of the largest national retailer of home appliances and electronics "Foxtrot". Current and new clients from any region of the country can not only apply to any branch of the bank, but also apply for a loan through the Internet or the Information Center. Only a passport and an INN will be required for the loan, no income certificate is required. Significant advantage is the possibility of obtaining a prior decision on the phone with the further receipt of funds in the nearest branch or information and advisory center, which is located in all key regions of Ukraine. All parameters of the loan are registered in the product passport, which the client receives before signing the loan agreement. The interest rate is one of the best on the market and depends on the amount and term of the loan. Customers are offered a wide range of redemption channels and the possibility of early repayment of credit indebtedness without any penalties.
The banker noted that the portfolio of card loans also shows good dynamics, increasing by 22% over 7 months. As a result, the retail loan portfolio of the financial institution since the beginning of the year increased by 53%, exceeding UAH 378.3 million.
More detailed information about retail credit offers of the Bank "Credit Dnepr" can be found on the website under "Loans to individuals".



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