Credit Dnepr Bank is among the winners of the FinAwards 2019 award

20 May 2019

The Bank Credit Dnipro became the winner of the prestigious Financier Prize FinAwards 2019 at the same time as “Naybishshny credit”, “Naybishshhesna credit card” and “Naykrash kobrend-project”. 28th Bank of the World for the Day

The founders of the awards FinAwards are the popular financial portal “Ministry of Finance” and, the organizer is one of the best conference-maidanchik in the sphere of financial industry and the technology company BankOnline, the partner of the international organization and the partner.

“We are in the hands of the premier, experts and clients for the assessment of our products,” said Oleg Pakhomov, the patron defender of Pravlіnnya, the director of the distributor’s business, Credit Den Dnipro. - Vvazhaєmo її deserved the result of the already victorious robot, as well as a robot, like a trivia, within the framework of the real estate marketing strategy with an emphasis on business development. Mi perebuvaєmo in postіynomu dіalozі of klієntami, analіzuєmo їhnі povedіnkovі nastroї i in rezultatі namagaєmosya formuvati chesnі that vigіdnі produktovі Offers, posilenі yakіsnim servіsom i Visoko shvidkіstyu obslugovuvannya ".

For the designation of the remittance, usi sutnіh komіs. Takozh vrahovuvalisya vіdsutnіst obov’yazkovogo insurance and prihovani komіsіy.

Bank proponu г loans gotivkoyu to the amount of up to 500 thousand hryvnias on a be-worthy price without forcing a guarantee for the term 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 m_syatsіv for the choice of the client itself, deserving of the first financial plans and the imaginations. The best term of the contract is transferring the smaller amount to the payment. In order to apply for a loan, loans and innovations from all regions of the country can be obtained from a bank or an application via the Internet contact center. Schob otrimati position, potіben mіnіmalny nabіr documents: passport and ІPN, dіdіdka about income when issued loans up to 75 thousand hryvnia is not needed. Beforehand, the resolution of the client may be promptly called by phone, and the credit card itself will be held by the local districts or informational consulting center, located in all key regions of Ukraine. The interest rate is one for those searching for a market and laying down the total amount of the credit line. Clients have a wide choice of channels for redemption and opportunity to pay credit without bargaining money. Use the parameters of the loan written in the passport to the product, so you can learn before signing the loan agreement.

Make a presentation on the proposals to the Bank for the Credit of Dnipro for distribution klі кntіv can be at the expense of.


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