Credit Dnepr Bank became one of the best banks in the market for small and medium business business business edition business

14 September 2018
Credit Dnepr Bank has confirmed its leadership positions in the segment of servicing small and medium-sized businesses by entering the short list of participants in the rating "Best Bank for SMEs" and in the top 3 in the category "Best service for SME clients" of the authoritative business weekly "Business".
The Ukrainian business community, which forms the readership of the publication - entrepreneurs, financiers, experts, management of small, medium and large businesses - in determining the winners of the rating, the following indicators of banks, such as the SME loan portfolio, its dynamics for the six months of 2018 and the share in the total portfolio of business loans, the number of SME clients, the presence of a profile customer service segment in this segment, the availability of special offers and services for entrepreneurs, price policy of the financial institution . As a result, winners were nominated in "Best Product", "Price Offer", "Target Loans and International Programs", "Best Banker for SMEs", "Best Service for SME Clients".
"The high estimation of Bank Dnipro's activity in the market of small and medium business services confirms the correctness of the emphasis of our business strategy on this segment, the purpose of which is financial support of the real sector of the economy, renovation and improvement of the loan portfolio," said Andrey Moisjeenko, Deputy Chairman of the Bank's Board of Credit Dnieper - Since the beginning of the year, we have doubled the portfolio in the priority for us in terms of lending to the agricultural sector of the SME. The key factors of success were the flexibility of product offers, the speed of decision-making, the professionalism of branch managers, the active development of 30 partner programs with leading players in the agrarian market. "
The banker stressed that the financial institution will continue to focus on the transactional business, increase lending, expand presence and develop credit expertise in other sectors of SMEs, using the experience gained in the agrarian segment and confirming the reputation of a reliable financial partner.
Interview of Andriy Moiseyenko to the Business magazine about the results of work and further plans of the bank in the direction of servicing the SME segment can be read in the special issue "Great help to small business".


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