Credit Dnepr Bank is the first of Ukrainian banks to sell a loan portfolio at open tenders in the system RIALTO

25 May 2018
Credit Dnepr Bank became the first bank to evaluate the opportunities and advantages of open electronic commerce in RIALTO for the sale of loan portfolios. Finustanova auctioned a portfolio of 5 thousand unsecured loans of individuals totaling UAH 41.6 million. As a result of three rounds of competitive bidding, the bank tripled the initial value of the lot and sold it for 665.7 thousand UAH. LLC "Rosven Invest Ukraine" became the winner of the auction, offering the highest rate - 1.6% of the total value of the debt.
"The positive experience of the Bank's Credit Dnepr Bank is an important step for the whole banking sector. The use of a commercial bidding system can be a competitive advantage and help to optimize business processes, "said Anna Teselko, project manager of Public Auctions at - Currently, banks are quite active members of the state procurement system "ProZorro.Svodzhi", but mainly sell assets of financial institutions that are in a state of liquidation. This auction has demonstrated how successful commercial bids can be. Healthy competition and transparency, which are the main principles of the RIALTO system, will allow banks to significantly expand the range of partner companies and get the best value proposition. "
Credit Dnepr Bank advised its partners about the auction in advance. The venues participating in the system are also actively involved in the invitation to bid for potential buyers. Consequently, analysts of interested companies had the opportunity to conduct a thorough evaluation of the portfolio of loans.
"We first held a similar auction with the help of RIALTO system," said Valentina Strakhova, Head of the Banking Credit Dnepr Bank. - Thanks to our co-operation with the trading platform, the event was successful, the result fully meets our expectations. Open auctions are an effective tool for improving the quality of loan portfolios of banks. "
Commercial auctions operate on the principle of the system of state electronic auctions "ProZorro.Svodzhi": the only rules of the game for all, publicity, transparent selection of the winner, honest competition. In the near future, the largest lending banks in Ukraine will join the system in order to attract more participants in their auctions and improve the quality of loan portfolios.


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