Credit Dnepr Bank has launched a new mobile application FreeBank

21 April 2017

Credit Dnepr Bank offers its clients to install on their smartphone a new mobile application of their own system of Internet-banking for FreeBank. The new service is based on the analysis of consumer preferences and is therefore not only equipped with a large number of financial functions, such as invoicing, instant transfers from card to card, opening deposits or repaying loans, etc. FreeBank mobile users will also be able to see how easy the intuitive interface of the program is. The service allows you to enter the application with a fingerprint (Touch ID), scan card numbers for transferring funds to any bank card, set up your own avatar, give niche accounts and cards, etc.

"It was important for us to create not just a multifunctional banking mobile application. Before launching the product, we conducted a research on User Experience, which allowed us to develop the most convenient, simple and intuitive service. Access to the application can be done with a fingerprint; the client is not confused in their card numbers, giving the name to each of them; And if a client makes regular payments to his or her relatives, then you can not just create a template for such a payment, but also install a photo to him in order to quickly find the recipient templates in the gallery, Andrey Mosesenko, deputy chairman of the Bank's Credit Dnepr Board spoke. - Technology is becoming more and more affordable, and today, with the help of one mobile phone, every day, at any time of day, you can get any information you need, instantly solve your everyday household or business issues. A business that can not provide its customers with products that meet these characteristics in terms of innovation is not viable. And we do not plan to stay on this release of FreeBank, and we will continue to improve and modernize the Internet banking system in the future. "

The application allows you: to replenish your mobile phone, control operations on your own cards and accounts, view currency rates, transfer money, draw up deposits, repay loans, exchange points under the loyalty program "Fly with taste" for paying bills in cafes and restaurants, buying airline tickets, renting car and room reservation in hotels around the world.

Among the innovative services, in addition to the inclusion of the application through the Touch ID and scan card numbers for instant transfers: intelligent display of important for the client accounts and maps, the creation of templates for regular payments, automatic selection of deposit conditions for the data entered, the definition of the geolocation of the client and the construction of the route to the nearest Branch or ATM.

You can learn more about features and features of the new program from the infographic.

Download the app here:


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