Credit Dnepr Bank offers to Ukrainians an alternative variant of deposit programs - OVDPs

10 August 2017

Credit Dnepr Bank offers alternative deposit options for clients to the option of placing funds - the purchase of domestic government bonds (T-bills).

T-bills are bonds issued on behalf of the state for the purpose of financing state-owned needs. The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine issues three types of T-bills: standard (denominated in UAH), indexed and denominated in foreign currency, for which the issue and redemption of the coupon and face value is made in foreign currency. The guardian of the Treasury bonds is the NBU, and the state is the guarantor of one hundred percent return on investments. The financially profitable bonds of the domestic state debt make a fixed high interest rate both in UAH and in foreign currency, as well as the possibility of selling in the secondary market. Income from T-bills transactions is exempted from personal income tax.

The procedure for the purchase and execution of T-bills transactions is simple and convenient. The client opens the securities account with the further signing of the brokerage service agreement. Accompanied by a competent employee, the selection, purchase and admission of T-bills to the client's account in securities is carried out. Upon expiration of the term in accordance with the issuance of T-bills, the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine pays the client to the bank account with a nominal value of the securities and accrued interest.

"We do not stop working on expanding services for wealthy clients, and government bonds are an alternative investment tool. High reliability, maximum profitability, as well as flexibility of terms are the main advantages of T-bills, - said Maxim Shahalov, director of private banking of Bank Credit Dnepr. - In our opinion, today it is a very promising direction of placement of funds. Only last year the volume of OVDP bonds amounted to over UAH 200 billion. And now one of the most successful moments in order to invest in government papers. The market of securities with still high rates and relatively low risks today is one of the most effective options for saving and increasing money. "


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