Credit Dnepr Bank resumes payments to depositors of the "Mikhailovsky" bank from Dnipropetrovsk region

04 November 2016

Credit Dnepr Bank has resumed payments to clients of the Bank "Mikhailovsky", which is in the process of liquidation, which are registered in the Dnipropetrovsk region. More than 4 thousand people will receive their funds for a total amount of more than 12 million UAH. Payments will continue until December 15, 2016.

"Traditionally, we provide depositors of insolvent banks with a comfortable and operational payment mechanism. Pre-registering at a convenient time to any nearest branch, the client will be able to receive their funds without waiting and queuing for 10-15 minutes, - said Andriy Moisjeenko, deputy chairman of the Bank's Credit Dnepr Board. - We have worked with clients from more than ten bankrupt financial institutions and tried to maximally simplify the entire payment process by understanding the moral standing of these clients. And it is very important for us that it is valued, because about 35-40% of the depositors of insolvent banks, having received their funds in the Bank of Credit Dnepr, have been deprived of our clients. "

Customers can get their money by pre-registering for appointment at any convenient time for them to the nearest branch of Bank Credit Dnepr throughout Ukraine.

You can traditionally sign up one of the most convenient ways:

All payments will be made in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On the system of guaranteeing deposits of individuals" in accordance with the register of depositors entitled to reimbursement at the expense of the Fund. The maximum amount guaranteed to be refunded, including interest, is UAH 200,000. When visiting the branches of the Bank of Dnipro Bank depositors of the bank "Mikhailovsky" to receive their funds, you must have a passport and a taxpayer's registration card.

For reference:
Credit Dnepr Bank was founded in 1993, currently belongs to Group I according to the NBU classification (banks whose share of assets exceeds 0.5% of assets of the banking system).
The only shareholder of Bank Dnipro Credit is the "Brancroft Enterprise Limited", which is indirectly owned by Victor Pinchuk.

The reliability and stability of the bank is confirmed by authoritative rating agencies. In particular, the rating agency IBI-Rating confirmed the rating of the bank on the national scale at the level of "uaA-" with the forecast "in development" and the reliability rating of deposits at the level of "4+" (high reliability).

Within the framework of the study "Transparency of Ukrainian banks: steps to Europe" from IBI-Rating and the international financial club "Banker", the Bank of Credit Dnepr received the nomination "European Partnership" and became the only bank with Ukrainian capital recognized as one of the most investment-attractive financial institutions in the country. According to the results of work in 2016, the Bank of Credit Dnepr became the winner of the competition from the international financial club "Banker" in the nomination "The best universal bank".

In May 2016, according to an annual survey of "50 leading Ukrainian banks" conducted by the "Financial Club" analytical group, according to the general rating, the bank maintains confident positions among the top 50 financial institutions in the country. In 2016, Credit Dnepr Bank became one of the winners in the nomination "SME support" in the financial rating of the business weekly "Business".


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