Credit Dnipro Bank successfully reversed the updated processing core

18 March 2021
Credit Dnipro Bank has completed the first stage of updating the processing center, successfully reversing the processing core. The new configuration of the infrastructure allowed to increase several times the availability of the bank's card system, as well as the speed of processing simultaneous customer transactions.
The next stage - a complete update of processing involves the placement of all equipment in two Data Centers of the TIER3 level, which guarantee reliability and uninterrupted operation at the level of 99.982%. The relocation of the bank's processing is scheduled for June-July 2021.
"Bank Dnipro Bank is purposefully updating the technical and software infrastructure within the global digital transformation of the bank," said Serhiy Panov, Chairman of the Management Board of Credit Dnipro Bank. "Updating the processing will expand the possibilities of introducing modern payment technologies and will allow to increase the volume of simultaneous transactions."
BPC, the world's leading provider of payment solutions, has become a partner of the bank in the modernization of e-commerce. Thus, thanks to the SmartVista Bank Credit Dnipro solution, the customer's shopping experience will be significantly improved, namely: the financial institution's partners will be able to accept international payments on the Internet in accordance with the highest 3DS2.0 security standards,
It will be recalled that at the end of 2020 Bank Credit Dnipro began creating a completely new digital ecosystem based on Middleware Inc (USA) technologies.
Credit Dnipro Bank is a Ukrainian commercial bank, the beneficiary is Oleksandr Yaroslavsky, a Ukrainian businessman (TOP-10 Forbes Ukraine in 2020), owner of the DCH group (, which combines the assets of such sectors of the economy as finance, industry, transport, construction and development, etc. The bank is included in the TOP-20 financial institutions of Ukraine in terms of gross assets and according to the classification of the National Bank of Ukraine is in the group of banks with private capital. As of March 1, 2021, the bank's assets amount to UAH 11,917 million, the authorized capital is UAH 3,587 million.
Over the years, BPC has been transformed to offer innovative and best-in-class solutions that meet the modern lifestyle of consumers when doing banking, shopping or traveling in both urban and rural areas. With 300 customers in 90 countries, BPC works with all ecosystem players, from first-tier banks to non-banks, payment service providers (PSPs) to large processors, e-commerce giants to novice retailers and more. BPC's SmartVista suite combines leading banking, commercial and mobile solutions, including digital banking, ATMs and switching, payment processing, card management, transportation solutions and smart city solutions.



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