Credit Dnipro Bank, together with Visa, launched the functionality of instant funds transfers by phone number

07 October 2021

Credit Dnepr Bank, together with the International Payment System Visa, launched in Ukraine an innovative functionality for transferring funds by phone number to cards of Ukrainian banks. In order to make a transfer, you just need to indicate the recipient's phone number and the amount on the bank's website. The money goes to the addressee instantly.

The transfer is carried out by linking the card number to the phone number, which is saved as a protected token. In addition, this makes transfers even more secure, because no one except the bank has access to the personal data of users. Since the financial transaction has not technically changed, the transfer speed also remains consistently high.

The technology allows transfers only in hryvnia, from a card of any Ukrainian bank to cards of any bank registered in the service. The commission is the same as for regular transfers by card number.

You can transfer money by phone by clicking on the link of Credit Dnipro Bank


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