Expert Bank Credit Dnepr on topical issues of banking risk management

19 September 2018
The National Bank has recently paid serious attention to strengthening the role of risk management in banks, which is dictated by the wishes of international financial partners, as well as the regulator's desire to prepare financial institutions for various external and internal challenges. The new approach involves the gradual evolution of risk management into one of the major business players, an independent full-fledged controller of business processes. Oleg Pakhomov, a member of the Board of Directors on risk of Bank Credit Dnepr, told this in an interview with an authoritative business weekly "Business".
The expert informed about the history of the formation of the risk management culture in the Ukrainian banking system and the instructive experience of foreign colleagues, pointed to the necessary conditions and key risks for building an effective system of business and risk interaction, shared the bank's first successes in creating a strong risk-examination, which paved the way for a radical improvement. quality of a new loan portfolio.
"Banks are increasingly aware that a progressive move towards mutual penetration of business and risks is an inevitable, healthy process necessary for business success. Our risk management is already strong enough and authoritative both in the management bodies and in communication with business, in particular due to the proactive position of counter offers. As a result of such an effective interaction, the entire portfolio, issued over the past few years in the corporate segment, is without problem. We have not lost a single agricultural loan, and the new retail portfolio has an overdue level of around 6% with a market average of 15%, "said Oleg Pakhomov.
The banker stressed that the risk management culture involves the joint evolution of business and the risks of the connected vessels, when the risk unit builds a well-considered control policy, and the business hears the risks and responds appropriately to them.


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