The fairytale world comes to life with Mastercard, Silpo and Credit Dnipro Bank

29 August 2019
Credit Dnipro Bank offers its clients to take advantage of the Mastercard special offer: between August 29 and October 23, 2019 it is necessary to pay for a Mastercard payment for purchases at the Silpo supermarket and Le Silpo delicacies and for every 99 UAH in check a card with Lorca - a weird magical creature well-known for fun. You can color and even enliven a fairy-tale hero by downloading Lorca's mobile app from the App Store or Play Market and scanning a card obtained from Silpo. Lorca is playable, because the mobile app has the Lorca Way AR game.
If you pay for the goods with a Mastercard smartphone (NFC Wallet Google Pay, Apple Pay, bank wallets), including the Silpo app, the buyer receives another additional Lorca.
You can read more about the terms of the special offer at the link.


* За умови його наявності