At the height of the agricultural season: Credit Dnepr Bank and the world-renowned producer of agricultural machinery LEMKEN offer a profitable financial solution for agricultural producers.

21 June 2018

Bank Credit Dnepr and the world-renowned LEMKEN technology maker have launched a new affiliate program that makes the high-quality LEMKEN technology even more affordable for Ukrainian agrarians. The key advantage of the new program is the affordable cost of lending - rates of 11.3% in UAH. Minimal own client investments - from 10% of the cost of equipment - allow you to buy quality equipment with minimal financial burden on business customers in any season. Another advantage is the speed of decision-making - only 5-7 days, because it is always important for agrarians to get the equipment on time. The client will be able to pay out credit with the suppliers within 1-2 days after receiving the decision, and immediately start work on the technique in his own economy. As for the pledge, it is the technique that is being bought on credit.

"LEMKEN is a recognized expert in the field of professional plant growing and belongs to the leading European producers of quality high-quality agricultural machines for soil tillage, planting and plant protection," said Artem Kalashnik, General Director of LEMKEN. - The strategy of our activities is determined by innovations aimed at maximizing the benefits to the client. This is due to the meticulous selection of contractors and partners. We look forward to fruitful cooperation with Bank Credit Dnepr with the aim of creating the best conditions for the development of farms in Ukraine. "
"We are happy to congratulate you on this month's cooperation with a new and highly respected global partner LEMKEN, which has already proven itself as a reliable and professional supplier of equipment for many agricultural producers," said Igor Kuskovsky, Head of Sales Development at Agribusiness Bank. Credit Dnepr. - Implementation of the partnership program will allow our clients to apply the latest technology in their households, develop and enter a new level of business. "
The banker stressed that the new partnership program for financing agrarians also expanded the opportunities for them compared to the acquisition of delayed technology: "By purchasing LEMKEN's machinery for a loan program partner, the agrarian company completely avoids currency risk, since it has obligations only in hryvnia. The Bank offers a significantly longer and more convenient loan term (up to 5 years), with the client being able to at any time reduce the term of the loan and own expenses due to early repayment of the loan without any fees and additional overpayments. "
The expert believes that all of the above advantages create favorable conditions for farmers to effectively attract loans to acquire the latest LEMKEN technology and further develop their own business.
It is possible to take advantage of favorable terms of the agrarian partnership program by contacting official dealers of LEMKEN in Ukraine and receiving financing from Bank Dnipro Credit.



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