IBI-Rating Agency improved its credit rating outlook to Dnipro Credit to the "positive" level and confirmed the credit and deposit ratings of the financial institution

19 December 2017
The rating agency IBI-Rating confirmed the credit rating of the Dnipropetrovs'k Bank at the level of "uaA-", improving the rating outlook to the level "positive" from the previous level "in development". The reliability rating of bank deposits remained at the level of "4+" (high reliability).
Experts have identified key factors that influence the position of the financial institution. This includes, in particular, financial support from the owner, acceptable diversification of the resource base, the presence of a developed regional network and card business, which contributes to the growth of the client base and strengthening positions in the banking market.
"The borrower with the rating" uaA- "is characterized by high creditworthiness compared to other Ukrainian borrowers. The positive forecast points to the possibility of raising the rating throughout the year while maintaining positive trends and leveling up current risks, the agency said. - The Bank fulfills its obligations to creditors in a timely manner and in full ... The process of approval of registration of capital increase for UAH 1.2 bln continues with the regulator ".
"Due to the implementation of a weighted post-crisis strategy and systematic support from the shareholder, the financial institution continues to hold one of the most confident positions on the market, always fulfilling its obligations to clients, partners and regulators of the market, investing in its own development and developing new directions of activity," said Olena. Malinska, Chairman of the Board of the Bank, Credit Dnepr. - During the year, the bank began to actively develop hryvnia retail lending and agro-crediting of small and medium-sized businesses, which has already contributed to improving asset quality and reducing lending and currency risks. Together with the IBI-Rating agency, we identified the following steps for further improvement of credit and deposit ratings after the registration of the issue of shares. "


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