It is pleasant and easy to help: Credit Dnepr Bank joined all-Ukrainian charity action "School Portfolio"

31 August 2018
Employees of Bank Credit Dnepr for the second year in a row became active participants of the Charity Project "School Portfolio" of the "Caritas Ukraine" Foundation, aimed at providing the necessary funds to the school fundamentals of school supplies on the eve of the new school year. For nearly 20 years, schoolchildren from low-income, large families and crisis families have been making efforts by the Foundation and its partners with school supplies, positive emotions and real care on the eve of the launch of a new important and exciting stage in their lives. Anyone who wants to support the initiative - either by collecting their own school briefcase and accessories for the child and transferring them to the fund, or by transferring funds to the organization's account for the further purchase of everything necessary for training.
"Last year's successful debut of Bank Dnipro Credit as a partner of the project proved: the initiative is worth becoming a good tradition," said Tetyana Yaroshenko, Corporate Communications Director at Bank Credit Dnepr Bank. - This year, even more indifferent colleagues joined in to make the children feel the atmosphere of the holiday on the eve of the new school year. We are confident that the joint efforts of our employees, partners and clients around the charity will continue to grow. After all, goodness, if he sincerely divides, only multiplies and returns a hundredfold. "
In 2018, the project of the "Caritas Ukraine" Fund "School Portfolio" was supported by dozens of national and regional companies. All collected stationery in bright portfolios will be transferred to more than 2000 students throughout Ukraine.

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All interested persons can support the social initiatives of the fund, having read their list on the official site or by applying to the regional representative offices of the organization throughout Ukraine.


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