The number of active payment cards of Credit Dnepr Bank increased by 15% in 2018

27 February 2019
In 2018, Credit Dnepr Bank showed an increase in the number of active payment cards that outpaced the market: the number of cards issued by the bank for which at least one expenditure transaction was performed over the past three months increased by 15% during the year, their number exceeded 123.1 thousand. pieces In the market as a whole, this indicator grew by 6%, and the total number of active payment cards (36.9 million) for the first time exceeded the adult population of the country.
“Statistics of the card market convincingly testifies to the growing popularity of payment cards as an everyday convenient and safe financial instrument for Ukrainians,” says Oleg Pakhomov, Deputy Chairman of the Board, Director for Retail Business of Credit Dnepr Bank. “Today, 4 out of 5 operations with payment cards are non-cash, and of every 100 hryvnas paid to card accounts, wages and pensions, social payments and remittances, 45 hryvnias work in the economy without switching to cash, increasing the transparency of financial flows. Modern technologies that allow you to manage your finances from anywhere in the world 24/7/365 make the payment card a full-fledged bank in your pocket, and the additional features of the card package offers are not only convenient, but also financially beneficial for customers. ”
The banker noted that the drivers of further development of a transparent and efficient cashless economy will be improving financial literacy of the population, increasing penetration of technology into the daily life of Ukrainians, social responsibility of business and active citizenship of consumers defending their right to choose a convenient way to pay for goods and services.
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