Partner Action "Wheel Surprise" (COMPLETED)

20 November 2018

To participate in the action is available at the age of 20.11.2018 p. until 12/20/2018 p. pay to be comrades and services to the trade and service services / Internet services with a Mastercard card from the Bank Credit Dnipro, which is registered on the website and take part in the Mastercard Bilshe program. Leather payment on the sum of 50 UAH dorivnyu one ball. Accumulate ten balvov can be replaced on the site programs on the virtual wrap of the wheel of surprises and wigrate one іz garantanov prizes. In case of prizes, the fund will enter 56 smartphones, use the NFC technology for contactless payment for goods and services, pay bali, and certify to the new fairs at the “Eptsentr” hypermarket, tour to testteptepteptepttutteptteptepttpittepittetpittetpittepitte, to go to the newtupet fairs at the “Epіtsentr” market, go to testteptepttptepttepttepttechptechtpittetpittepitte, go to a new e-mail service. If you save money for the fate of the rose, you can nekomezhenu kіlkіst razіv. Kozhen, a participant can tricky for a day, turn the wheel of surprises, viprobuti fortune and reconcile in order, so the diva, in one, especially, wants to be in front of new and holy cherries, for sure, zavdyaki partner partners, a program, and a cater, saintly, sacred, obviously, zavdyakyyyyyyuyuyuyu zykvye, sacred, happy, happy

For details with the minds of the action "Wheel of surprises" you can find out about the strengths.


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