Tender guarantees for business is simple! Credit Dnepr Bank offers a convenient tool for participants in the procurement market

29 May 2018
Credit Dnepr Bank presented its own product "Tender Guarantees" - a convenient tool for financial support of purchases - during a training seminar "SMART-Regions: Layfhaki at ProZorro", which took place on May 23-25 ​​in Lviv Region. The purpose of the event is to provide comprehensive advice to market participants on the legal, economic, technical and financial aspects of the process.
"We provide targeted product solutions to clients of different business segments to address their urgent financial challenges," said Andriy Moyseenko, Deputy Chairman of the Bank's Credit Dnepr Board. - In particular, clients who work in the market of public and private procurement, we propose to take advantage of a secured tender guarantee. This is a very handy tool that allows you to participate in tenders and fulfill obligations after a victory without deducting your own funds from circulation. The service is currently offered by a very limited number of banks, but the demand for it is increasing, in particular through such educational activities that increase the financial awareness of our clients and help to run business more efficiently and cost-effectively. "
The expert said that obtaining a tender guarantee with a limit up to 1 million USD in a financial institution may be a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur. Guarantees are provided both electronically and on paper. The procedure for issuing a guarantee for a new client takes no more than one day. In order to simplify the issuance of the second and subsequent guarantees, Bank Credit Dnepr establishes a financial limit for the client, which enables clients who apply to the bank under the guarantee repeatedly, to process it in 1-2 hours. The benefits of designing the product are as follows: no need to open a current account, only a minimum package of documents is required, there is a single tariff network, there are no hidden fees.
The workshop was organized by trading platform.
"During the information and training events in Lviv, Zolochiv, Yavorov, experienced experts in public and commercial procurement went along with the audience with a full cycle of the procurement process," said Andriy Pripichenko, head of the electronic trading platform. - The speakers talked about the main legislative norms, opportunities of tender platforms, ways of control, prevention of violations during the conduct of procedures, prospects for further market development. As a result, participants received new useful knowledge and practical skills in market monitoring, independent analysis of current legislation and cost-effectiveness of procurement activities. "
As experts at the workshop, representatives of the ProZorro electronic public procurement system, DoZorro Public Procurement Control, the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, the Public Advisor in Public Procurement, the public organization Evolution of Society, etc. were invited to the seminar.
For more detailed information on the terms and conditions for providing tender guarantees at Credit Dnepr Bank, please refer to the link.


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