Winners of the first stage of the "Buy and Win" campaign have been determined

27 November 2020
Credit Dnepr Bank, together with the international payment system Visa, has randomly determined the winners of the first stage of the Buy and Win promotion. The first 50 certificates "Silpo" for 500 UAH will receive:
1. Cherny Alexander Viktorovich
2. Ogura Vladimir Lyubomirovich
3. Radchenko Andrey Leonidovich
4. Kondratyuk Yarema Andreevich
5. Kuchmiy Natalya Valentinovna
6. Selyaninov Evgeny Sergeevich
7. Wagner Dmitry Valentinovich
8. Kolesnik Oleg Vasilievich
9. Reznik Lidia Sergeevna
10. Mikaelyan Suren Genrikhovich
11. Vasilishin Anatoly Grigorievich
12. Forester Vadim Mikhailovich
13. Valiev Georgy Djaudatovich
14. Fedulova Natalia Vladimirovna
15. Savchenko Vladimir Alexandrovich
16. Nikolenko Mikhail Alexandrovich
17. Duyunov Edgart Edgartovich
18.Mishchenko Dmitry Vladimirovich
19.Mikhailov Sergey Vladimirovich
20. Shuvaev Sergey Pavlovich
21. Veremeenko Alexander Viktorovich
22. Gurzhiy Natalya Anatolyevna
23. Lifar Olga Sergeevna
24. Olga Alexandrovna Lavrinovich
25. Thunder Anna Yurievna
26. Taranenko Andrey Nikolaevich
27. Glushchenko Vladimir Petrovich
28. Abilov Zaur Talib
29. Keeper Vladimir Viktorovich
30. Titova Tatiana Anatolyevna
31. Dump Mikhail Petrovich
32. Derkach Alexander Viktorovich
33. Vanzha Andrey Yurievich
34. Borodin Sergey Evgenievich
35. Kapustin Roman Gennadievich
36. Darvaish Alina Nikolaevna
37. Kistritsya Irina Valerievna
38. Koval Pavel Mikhailovich
39. Levadny Alexander Anatolyevich
40. Seredenko Grigory Nikolaevich
41. Popov Vladimir Vladimirovich
42. Lesnoy Alexander Anatolievich
43. Veremeenko Victoria Valerievna
44. Storozhuk Vadim Pavlovich
45. Musselimyan Andronic Andronikovich
46.Dmitrenko Evgeny Vasilievich
47. Volosov Sergei Ivanovich
48. Yakovlev Seyran Andreevich
49. Sekach Irina Nikolaevna
50.Danchevsky Andrey Ivanovich
Recall that in order to participate, customers need to pay with a Visa card from Credit Dnepr Bank in the trade and service network or on the Internet in the amount of 500 UAH or more by credit. The promotion will run from November 20 to December 28, 2020. A total of 250 certificates will be awarded at random.

You can read the official rules of the promotion here.



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