Young and enterprising: Bank Credit Dnepr in Sumy has undergone financial training for schoolchildren.

27 April 2017

Credit Dnepr Bank continues to expand the geography of children's educational projects. So, the young participants of the lesson on financial literacy from the bankers were schoolchildren 7-12 years old in Sumy. Children versed in the complicated world of finance, listened to interesting facts from the history of the Ukrainian hryvnia, searched and expenses of the family budget, studied the safety rules in dealing with money and counted most effective ways accumulation of pocket money to carry out their dreams.

Students also saw how workflows are arranged in a bank branch, the managers involved in how the Service, learned to use the ATM. Bankers, in turn, noted that they intend to more actively develop the direction indicated social activity Credit Dnepr Bank.


"Hundreds of young Ukrainians today are already graduates of the educational financial trainings of Bank Dnipro Credit. For our team, it's important to realize that we are contributing to the development of the future generation, giving them a bit of skills and knowledge that will definitely be needed in life, "said Tetyana Yaroshenko, Corporate Communications Director at Bank Credit Dnepr. - We intend to continue to expand the educational program, because we are sure: the rich and healthy childhood of the younger generation is what can create a solid foundation for the successful and happy future of the whole country. It is on the basis of such principles that we are building a strategy of social responsibility of our bank. "

Young participants in the financial training were satisfied with the knowledge gained and are now ready to share the secrets of increasing their equity capital.

During the training, Seven-year Sofia not only spoke about her dream, but also painted it. "I want to accumulate on a golden fish, so that she fulfilled all my desires," said the girl.

And 10-year-old Denis said that it would be a pleasure to visit this class again to learn more effectively how to manage their own finances. The boy learned that the articles of income and expenditure are how to help parents save their family budget. "I dream to become a doctor and understand that for this it is necessary to study well, to enter on a free basis and save money from parents," - said Denis.


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