Transfers within Ukraine

Domestic money transfers in banks of Ukraine are one of the most actual and demanded banking services. They imply sending and receiving money within the state through various money transfer systems, including with the participation of resident banks of the country. Such transfers can be carried out by both natural and legal persons. Bank Credit Dnipro offers convenient money transfer algorithms across Ukraine, ensuring the reliability of operations, favorable prices for services and high quality of service.

Types of internal transfers in banks of Ukraine

Modern opportunities for domestic remittances in the territory of Ukraine are numerous and varied. Bank Credit Dnipro provides its clients with some of the most comfortable and practical tools for performing transfers in Ukraine, namely:

  • transfer from card to card - implies the ability to transfer money to a debit or credit bank card of any Ukrainian financial institution;
  • Internet banking FreeBank - an independent online transfer of money between own accounts and from the card to the card, including in another bank;
  • Freesend system - bank transfer through Ukraine through the network of regional branches Credit Dnipro.

It should immediately be clarified that currency transfers in Ukraine are not being implemented. Inside the country, you can send and receive currency transfers in dollars (USD), euro (EUR) and other foreign currencies - only transfers in UAH are allowed.

Translation and receipt of transfers in Ukraine from card to card is one of the most popular ways, due to its simplicity and convenience. The bank "Credit Dnipro" allows you to transfer this way from 1 to 14999 UAH with a commission of 0.5% of the transfer amount + 5 UAH. When transferring to the Credit Dnipro card, the commission fee is 0%

Internet banking is no less popular as a tool for transferring money. Our own Internet banking FreeBank allows each client connected to the service to perform a variety of money transactions, including transfers via the Internet without contacting the bank operator.

The service of internal transfers from the bank "Credit Dnipro" Freesend operates throughout Ukraine - in the regional offices of the bank. Transfers through the system are carried out instantly.

What you need to send and receive domestic transfers

The order of sending and receiving transfers depends on the chosen method of transferring money. To make a transfer from an account to an account in Ukraine by bank card number, you must:

  • select the appropriate section on the website of the "Credit Dnipro" bank;
  • provide the sender's information: number and validity of the card, CVV-code and phone number, which was indicated at the opening of the account;
  • enter the beneficiary's card number;
  • specify the amount of transfer in UAH;
  • Press the "Transfer" softkey.

When using for the transfer of Internet banking, it is enough to enter the service, select the translation option in the menu and follow the simple algorithm proposed by the system.

To transfer money through the Freesend bank payment system, you will need:

  • apply to any branch of Bank Credit Dnipro:
  • present the original passport or other identity document to the operator;
  • provide data (full name) on the recipient and specify the amount of the transfer;
  • sign a statement issued by the operator;
  • deposit transfer amount and commission;
  • Send the control code to the recipient, called the operator.

If you receive a transfer through Freesend at the bank's office, you will be required to indicate the name, in addition to the document. Sender, transfer amount and control number. The funds are issued immediately after the verification of the specified data.

What is advantageous for domestic transfers in the currency of Ukraine?

Operating in the financial market of Ukraine since 1993, our bank has a tremendous experience and professionalism, providing its customers:

  • the most convenient modern tools for making money transfers;
  • exceptional reliability and high speed of transfer;
  • confidentiality of information about senders and recipients of funds;
  • technical security of monetary transactions;
  • Simplicity and comfort of translations.

There are internal transfers in the currency of Ukraine throughout the state and are available to a wide audience.


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