Bank remittances are one of the most popular services for any bank. Bank transfer implies a sequence of transactions by which the holder of a bank account or cash can transfer a certain amount to another person - the recipient. The transfer allows you to send funds to virtually anywhere in the world and receive money sent from another city or country. Bank Credit Dnipro offers its customers the opportunity to use the money transfer service on favorable terms, providing a large selection of financial transfer options and high quality of service.

Make instant cash transfers to any part of the world in all branches of Credit Dnepr Bank

  • High speed of transfer
  • Confidentiality of information
  • Account opening is not required (except for the cases stipulated by law)
  • Simple registration
  • High level of security


Types of bank transfers in the Bank Credit Dnipro

Bank transfers of money in Ukraine to the Bank Credit Dnipro are made in the national currency in such ways as:

  • transfer of funds from the card to the card;
  • Internet banking FreeBank.

International money transfers in the Bank Credit Dnipro are represented by world-famous systems:

  • Western Union;
  • MoneyGram;
  • Ria;
  • Welsend.

Depending on the chosen system, payments on international transfers can be made in various currencies, including hryvnia, euro, US dollars.

Features of translations

With all the variety of types of remittances, most of them have some common features, namely:

  • You do not need to have a bank account to send and receive a transfer;
  • Instant money transfer or in a matter of minutes;
  • the operation of transfer of finance implies a certain commission for the service (not including intra-bank transfers from the card to the card within the FreeBank system).

As a rule, money transfer does not take much time. Money transfer - both in Ukraine and in international format - takes an average of 5-10 minutes, and in some systems the transfer is instantaneous. To send money by transfer, you will need to pay for the service. The cost of the transfer in Ukraine is from 0.5% of the amount, if it is a question of intra-bank transactions, the transfer of money from the account to the account / from the card to the card is free of charge. As for international transfers, often the commission is determined by the amount of money transferred. In this case, the commission is paid only by the sender of the transfer.

What you need to send and receive money transfers

The procedure for sending and receiving a transfer is quite simple. To make a money transfer, you should visit any branch of Bank Credit Dnipro. You must have the original document of identity. Then when sending money you need:

  • specify information about the recipient (name and surname) and the amount of the transfer;
  • sign an application for the transfer of money issued by the operator and pay the appropriate amount of cash (transfer + commission) to the cashier;
  • inform the recipient of the transfer control number specified by the operator, or use the online P2P service: there is no need to come to the Bank for using this service. The service works to transfer money from a card of any bank to a card of any bank.

To receive the transfer sent to you, you should inform the manager / cashier of the control number, name and surname. sender and the amount of the transfer. For currency transfers, you also need to specify the currency of the listed money (UAH, USD, EUR). The funds will be issued by the operator immediately after checking the specified data in the transfer currency.

When sending a transfer online, the sender does not contact the operator - the transfer of money automatically goes to the specified card number of the recipient.

Advantages of transferring money via Bank Credit Dnipro

Making a decision to send money to the Bank Credit Dnipro, you get several advantages:

  • security of operations;
  • high speed of translation;
  • confidentiality of information;
  • simplicity of translation.

Transfers of the Bank Credit Dnipro cover a wide geography, include popular currency areas and provide high speed of money transfer, guaranteeing reliable delivery of funds to anywhere in the world. The absence of the need to open an account with the bank makes the transfer procedure as simple and comfortable as possible, and the reliability of the bank is the key to security of transfers.


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