Compensation of 25% of the cost of purchased agricultural machinery and equipment of domestic production

Compensation of 25% of the cost of purchased agricultural machinery and equipment of domestic production for customers in the field of agriculture.

Bank Credit Dnipro is an authorized bank within the framework of the implementation of the state program "Partial compensation of the cost of agricultural machinery and equipment of domestic production".

Who can participate in the program and receive compensation?

Legal and natural persons-entrepreneurs:
  • whose main activity is the supply of agricultural goods (the specific weight of the value of such agricultural goods is not less than 75% of the value of all goods supplied to such legal entities and sole proprietorships during the previous 12 consecutive reporting tax periods collectively,
  • who have purchased or are planning to purchase agricultural machinery and equipment with the help of credit or own funds through accounts opened at Bank Credit Dnipro.

How to get compensation?

  • choose a supplier from the list published on the website of the Ministry of Economy - here (Next - List);
  • purchase agricultural machinery, equipment of domestic production through the Bank*;
  • submit an application and supporting documents to Credit Dnipro Bank;
  • receive compensation for a current account opened at the Bank.
* Partial compensation is subject to machinery and equipment which, at the time of payment for their purchase, were included in the List and the payment of the cost of which was made after 04/08/2024

What are the limitations on receiving compensation?

Legal and natural persons-entrepreneurs cannot receive compensation:

  • in relation to which a bankruptcy case has been initiated and/or which are recognized as bankrupt, and/or which are at the stage of liquidation;
  • who have payment arrears of more than 6 months overdue on the 1st of the month, the control of which is entrusted to the DPS authorities;
  • which are classified as legal entities or individuals to whom special economic and other restrictive measures (sanctions) are applied

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