Agency IBI-Rating has confirmed credit and deposit ratings of the Bank Credit Dnepr

02 July 2019
The rating agency IBI-Rating has confirmed the credit rating of the Bank of Credit Dnepr at the level of "uaA-" with the "development" forecast and the reliability rating of bank deposits at the level of "4+" (high reliability). Experts called financial support from the shareholder, acceptable diversification of the resource base, availability of the developed regional network and card business, which contributes to the growth of the client base, increase of commission income, formation of sufficient level of liquidity and strengthening of positions in the banking market, the key factors influencing the position of the financial institution.
"Credit Dnepr Bank fulfills its obligations to creditors on time and in full. Thanks to the actions taken by the shareholder to increase capitalization at the end of last year and in the first quarter of the current year, there was an improvement in liquidity standards - to the appropriate level. Also, the bank is gradually increasing the share of highly liquid assets and has at its disposal a significant amount of sufficiently stable funds received from companies that are recognized as related to the bank in accordance with the requirements of the NBU regulations ", - the agency reports.
"Successful implementation of the updated business model with an emphasis on comprehensive services for the retail segment, agro-sector, small and medium-sized businesses, systematic increase in the volume and efficiency of the new business, systematic work to improve the quality of assets and operational financial performance, combined with system support of the shareholder and a constructive position. the regulators will provide in the short-term prospects for a gainful activity and will contribute to further improvement of rating assessments ", - Podrek Drawn in the Bank Credit Dnepr.

For reference:

Credit Dnepr Bank was founded in 1993, today it is a member of a group of banks with private capital in accordance with the NBU classification. The sole shareholder of Bank Dnipro Credit is the "Brancroft Enterprise Limited", which is indirectly owned by Victor Pinchuk. The reliability and stability of the bank is confirmed by authoritative rating agencies. In particular, the rating agency IBI-Rating confirmed the rating of the bank on the national scale at the level of "uaA-" with a "development" forecast and a deposit rating rating of "4+" level (high reliability). In the framework of the study "Transparency of Ukrainian banks: steps to Europe" from IBI-Rating and the international financial club "Banker", Bank Credit Dnepr was awarded the "European Partnership" nomination as the only bank with Ukrainian capital among the most investment-attractive financial institutions in the country. Credit Dnepr Bank became one of the leaders in the financial rating of the business weekly "Business" in nominations "Corporate Partner", "Agrobank", "Best Service for SME Clients", "SME Support" in 2018-2019, Prostobank Awards-2018 First Award in the nomination of the best retail loans in cash and the winner in the "Savings Bank for Business" nomination rating "2019 Banks", winner of the FinAwards 2019 Award.


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