The Bank Credit Dnipro in the first quarter of 2019 rock has a portfolio of retail deposits of UAH 46 million UAH

04 April 2019

The Bank Credit Dnipro in the first quarter of 2019 rock has a portfolio of line deposits of retail customers at UAH 46 million - up to 1.4 billion UAH. The main portfolio of financial institutions is based on a total of 3.8 billion hryvnias. Strokovy form and form 74% of the portfolio of cats, due to them 80% of the contribution is allocated to the term for each other.

“In the first quarter, depositors prodovati peredagu national currencies, Apprentice, apprentice and apprentice exchange rate stability, Appointment and Hryvnia, hryvnya” - Neykraschu quarterly dynamic in our portfolio showed contributions to the hryvnia on exclusive terms 4 і 7 mines - їх obyag zrіs mayzhe on 100 million UAH. The availability of deposits is reached by 18.5% of the most important ones, due to the history of the deposit. The maximum rate for deposits on the great term of the motive of keynotes to the end of the year is the same as the one on the one-day pendants, and the bonus program will catch the distance and permafrost the contributions, to save the hour of the key, and to apply the per-hour perme, we will rest at the rest of the day, we will fall on the hour, and we will rest at an unbeaten, and we will rest at the end of the day and we will fall at the end of the day.

The bank will make a deposit in a term of 30 days in whether it is available through the Internet banking system FreeBank, which will be filled with 0.5% to the rate in hryvnia and 0.2% in currency. The minimum amount of the deposit to become is 500 UAH, 100 USD, 100 EUR when issued through the FreeBank. The scheme of payment payments is a matter of fact in the term deposit deposit - the key is self-sufficient, due to its comparison and financial planning. Automatic prolongation of the deposit is possible, since the rate of interest is not relevant to the date of the prolongation of the rate. When bazhanni investor mozhe vdmovitsya vіd automatic renewal. Before the deposit without a book, you can see the Bezlіmіt Classic card package, get your money from the currency to the deposit, pay some money for your deposit and pay the card to your account.

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