13 July 2018

Bank Credit Dnipro actively attracts retail customers due to a wide range of deposit offers, one of the best yields on the market, and a high level of service. As a result, the retail deposit portfolio of the bank, taking into account current and card accounts, increased in June by UAH 78.5 million - to UAH 3.9 billion. At the same time, term deposits form more than 72% of the portfolio of individuals' deposits. The average term for the placement of funds is steadily growing: today the financial institution's portfolio by 85% consists of deposits for a period of six months or more.

"Our bank focuses retail customers' attention on deposit offers in hryvnia as the most profitable tool for saving funds and protecting them from inflation," said Alexander Stetsko, head of the development of products and projects for the retail business of Bank Credit Dnipro. - Our exclusive offer of placing funds in the national currency for seven months with a maximum yield of up to 16.5% per annum is well-deserved popularity among investors: for two months the volume of this deposit exceeded UAH 209 million, and its share in the portfolio reached 8%. In general, from the beginning of the year the hryvnia portfolio of term deposits increased by UAH 65.5 million. The positive dynamics of attracting allows the bank to increase the resource to activate lending to businesses and the population. "

You can make a deposit for a period of 30 to 450 days at any branch of the bank or remotely through the Internet banking system FreeBank. In the second case, a loyalty program operates, within which the client receives an additional 0.5% to the rate. The minimum amount of the deposit is 25 thousand UAH for registration in the office and only 500 UAH for registration through FreeBank. Payment of interest is carried out monthly or at the end of the term of the deposit - at the option of the client. There is an automatic prolongation of the deposit, which can be made unlimited number of times for the current bid at the date of prolongation. If desired, the depositor can refuse automatic prolongation.

More details on the deposit retail offers of the Bank Credit Dnipro can be found on the link.


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