Bank Credit Dnipro summed up the cashless results of the summer: the volume of non-cash transactions with payment cards increased by 12%

08 September 2020
According to the results of August 2020, the volume of non-cash transactions with payment cards in Credit Dnipro Bank increased by 8% in quantity and by 12% in monetary terms compared to the results of May, with the best dynamics demonstrated by settlements through POS-terminals in retail chains: their volumes increased by 14% in the debit segment and by 30% in the credit card segment.
"Today, 9 out of 10 credit card transactions are performed non-cash by our clients, and the share of non-cash credit transactions in monetary terms has increased from 79 to 88% in the summer months," said Taras Gorkun, Deputy Chairman of the Bank's Retail and Digital Transformation Board. Credit Dnipro. - In the segment of debit cards there is also a clear positive cashless dynamics, and our task is to accelerate it, motivating customers with new product and marketing "chips" to prefer non-cash payments as more technological, safer and more profitable. "
The banker also noted that the structure of non-cash payments is gradually returning to the usual "pre-quarantine" distribution: over the summer partially regained the lost positions of the areas most affected by severe quarantine measures - travel services, entertainment, cafes and restaurants, clothing and footwear, non-food goods and services.
"We see that customer preferences for non-cash payments and remote service channels, which increased during the quarantine period, remain today, and we see this as an opportunity to qualitatively reformat our service, use the best customer experience to enter the top banks of choice. manufacturability, innovation and customer orientation ", - said Taras Gorkun.

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