The Bank's loan portfolio of the Dnipro Credit in the hryvnia for an exclusive term of 7 months increased by UAH 16 million in May, from the beginning of the year - by almost UAH 300 million

06 June 2019
The Bank 's Credit Dnepr term deposit in the hryvnia for an exclusive period of 7 months confidently holds leading positions in the deposit line for a positive dynamics, having demonstrated an increase in May by UAH 16 million, and from the beginning of the year - by almost UAH 300 million. Over the five months of 2019, the portfolio of term deposits of retail clients of financial institutions in the hryvnia increased by UAH 14.5 million - up to UAH 1.4 billion. The total retail portfolio, taking into account current and card accounts, is UAH 3.7 billion. Term deposits form 74% of the portfolio of individuals' funds, of which more than 75% of deposits are placed for a period of six months or more.
"Ukrainian banks in their pricing policy naturally keep the emphasis on hryvnia as a key resource for lending," said Oleg Pakhomov, Deputy Chairman of the Board, director of retail banking at the Bank Credit Dnepr. - The Ukrainian index of rates on deposits of individuals, which publishes the National Bank on the basis of the bids of the Top 20 banks, for contributions to the hryvnia is now 14.6-15.4% per annum, depending on the date of placement. The profitability of our deposits in UAH is 17% per annum, which, of course, is one of the best offers on the market. "
Credit Dnepr Bank offers to arrange a deposit for a period of 90 to 450 days in UAH and up to 719 days in currency in any branch or remotely through the system of Internet banking Free Bank, which is encouraged by an additional 0.5% to the hryvnia rate and 0, 2% - in US dollars. The minimum deposit amount is only 500 UAH, 100 USD, 100 EUR upon registration through Free Bank. The interest payment scheme - monthly or at the end of the deposit - is chosen by the client independently, taking into account its priorities and financial plans. Automatic extension of the deposit can be made an unlimited number of times on the actual date of the prolongation of the deposit, unless the depositor decides to refuse this option. If you wish, the depositor can open the "Unlimited Classic" card package free of charge, which includes a current account in the currency of the deposit, which accrues interest and returns the full amount of the deposit after its termination, a Visa Classic payment card, as well as access to the Free Bank Internet Banking system.
For more information about deposit retail offers of Bank Dnipro Credit you can see the link.


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