Beganal to rule the ball. Expert Bank Credit Dnepr on current trends of payment cards market

13 March 2019
NBU statistics on the market of payment cards and infrastructure for 2018 confirms the successful realization of the course for construction of a non-economic economy: the share of non-cash transactions with payment cards reached a record 79% in quantitative and 45% in monetary terms, increasing by 4 and 6 percentage points in accordance. According to such a dynamics, the target stated by the regulator that the share of cashless payments at the level of 55% by the end of 2020 looks like reality, not fantastic, as it appeared only 5 years ago.
Oleh Pakhomov, deputy chairman of the Board, is the director of the retail business of the Bank on the motivation of the state to popularize the culture of non-cash payments, the main growth zones and the difficulties of the process, the degree of readiness of business and society to further narrow the scope of cash use in the expert column of the authoritative business edition "New Time" Credit Dnepr.
"Despite all the difficulties of growth, the process is irreversible and irreversible. Payments for shopping around the world and travel in the transport of a smartphone, booking tickets and hotels with a few clicks, instant payments with partners, online currency exchanges become the usual options must have, which you quickly get used to as a good thing. Small daily amenities are multiplied in figures that are significant for the economy: according to expert estimates, the expansion of financial inclusion by 10% contributes to GDP growth by 0.3% - for Ukraine it is about 10 billion USD. Financial attraction of the population and business directly influences economic growth. Our tomorrow's standard of living is in our hands, armed with today's right financial instruments, "Oleg Pakhomov emphasized.

The full text of the expert material can be found at the link.


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