Continued Quarantine Payment Card Extension Information

03 April 2020
Dear Customers!
We would like to inform you that payment card service, which expires during the quarantine period, will be automatically extended for another three months. Therefore, you do not need to go to the office to get a new card, and continue to use your payment card.
List of available operations for extended-term cards:
  • Withdrawal of cash at cash desks and ATMs of Bank Credit Dnipro and other banks. Please note that when using a card at POS terminals and ATMs of other banks, transactions related to the specific ATM or terminal model may be rejected. In this case, we advise you to use the nearest ATM / terminal of Credit Bank Dnipro or another bank.
  • Replenishing the card and making payments at the bank's self-service terminals.
  • Payments in the merchant network within the limit of $ 200 (equivalent in UAH at the bank's rate for payment card transactions) per day. You can change the limit by contacting the bank contact center. If it is not possible to make a contactless transaction, it is necessary to make a transaction using a contact chip.
  • Calculations on the Internet. The possibility to use the online calculations can be obtained by contacting the contact center of the bank. When making a transaction for payment for goods and services on the Internet, it is necessary to indicate the validity of the card, which is indicated directly on the card. If you are unable to make a payment online, we recommend using another site.
  • Payments and transfers through FreeBank, directly from your card account.
  • Transfers from card to card via the bank's service via the link.
If you have any questions about payment card transactions, please contact the bank using the phone numbers on the card.
We remind you that you can conveniently and safely make purchases, pay utilities and other payments, transfer money from card to card, repay a loan and make other financial transactions online through the FreeBank Internet banking system without leaving home.
Chat with your bank online, stay healthy and take care of yourself!


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