Credit Dnepr Bank again became one of the leaders in the rating of the best programs of small and medium-sized business enterprises in Ukraine

26 June 2019
Bank Credit Dnepr became one of the leaders of the "TOP of the best programs of RKO business" of June rating "Prostobank Consulting" among 174 proposals from 33 largest financial institutions of Ukraine.
When compiling the rating of the best terms of settlement and cash services for small and medium businesses and entrepreneurs, the following parameters were taken into account: the cost of opening an account, the cost of monthly maintenance, the commission for withdrawal of funds from the account, payment for the payment within the bank and other financial institutions through the "Client-Bank" system, the cost of closing an account.
As a result, the specialized tariff package "AgroCosmetic" Bank Credit Dnepr entered the top 10 best package proposals for business clients.
"For different directions and scale of business we have developed special tariff packages, which includes all necessary services for the most convenient and profitable business," said Andriy Moisenko, Deputy Chairman of the Bank's Credit Dnepr Management Board. - Yes, the package "Agro Accounting" was created for simple and comfortable daily servicing of small and medium producers. It combines the functions of current and deposit servicing with a yield of 10% per annum with the possibility of free use of funds, the free issue of bonus corporate cards to reduce cash payments, 25 free payments per month and other benefits, as well as the ability to add a number of additional services depending on from the specific needs of the client. In such an individual approach, we see the key to customer loyalty and successful cooperation. "
Credit Dnepr Bank offers tariff packages due to the turnover and business activity of companies in the SME segment: the "Small" package is intended for private entrepreneurs and small companies, which carry out a small amount of payments per month and do not carry out operations with foreign currency. Package "Medium" is optimal for medium-sized companies that constantly and moderately use such types of banking services as payments, cash transactions, foreign exchange operations. The "Business" package is aimed at clients who are active in foreign economic activity. It allows you to exchange currency with minimal expenses, as well as significantly save on hryvnia and currency payments. In addition, the target business packages "Agro Accounting" and "IT-unlimited" are presented in the line, the conditions of which are maximally adapted to the specifics of sectoral activity of agricultural producers and IT-entrepreneurs, respectively. Each client uses an individual approach with the possibility of obtaining even more favorable tariffs.
At registration of tariff packages the client receives instant corporate card MasterCard Business free of charge, which gives round-the-clock operational access to funds from anywhere in the world and the possibility of remote replenishment of the card by transferring funds from the client's current account. In addition, the use of this card eliminates the need to convert funds when paying abroad.
For more detailed information on the tariff packages of the Bank Dnipro Credit for business clients, please refer to the link.


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