Credit Dnepr Bank and Construction Machinery Ltd offer favorable conditions for the purchase of agricultural machinery within the framework of the partnership program

29 March 2018
Credit Dnepr Bank and Construction Machinery Ltd (CML) offer farmers the opportunity to purchase agricultural machinery from JCB on favorable terms. Thus, the amount of the initial contribution is 10% of the cost of the equipment; the term of lending may be five years. The interest rate for using the loan is from 11.3% per annum and depends on the loan period and the amount of the down payment. Seasonal deferment of payment - up to 10 months in a year, and high speed of decision-making - 5-7 business days - is a significant advantage of a loan program. In addition, there is no commission for early repayment of the loan, as well as notary fees for the execution of collateral.
"Our company has been successfully operating on the market for more than 15 years and offers a full range of agricultural machinery from the leading manufacturer of JCB, a world leader in innovation, productivity and efficiency in the agricultural sector," said Alexey Kaplja, head of the JBL's agricultural machinery business at CML. - These are, in particular, different types of loaders, tractors, generators, known for their high quality in Ukraine and abroad. A joint program with Bank Credit Dnepr will help growers choose the optimal financing conditions for the acquisition of the latest agricultural machinery, implement their business tasks in a timely manner, and strengthen the reputation of a reliable and responsible supplier ".
"The successful development of more than 25 agro-crediting affiliate programs allows the bank to strengthen the point of differentiation from competitors based on our key benefits: industry-specific business expertise, well-developed processes, the development of channels for attracting and distributing, unlimited infrastructure capabilities," said Yevhen Khurilenko, Head of Development sales in Agribusiness of the Bank of Credit Dnepr. - We are confident that the interesting terms of financing under our new partnership program with CML will help farmers find more beneficial and more efficient solutions for growth and development. "

For more detailed information on the target product offers of Bank Credit Dnepr for agribusiness, please refer to the link.


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