Credit Dnepr Bank and Donsnab-Agrotehnika offer lucrative lending programs for agrarians with rates of 1.8% per annum

19 June 2017

Credit Dnepr Bank and one of the leading Agro Equipment Dealers in Ukraine, Donsnab-Agrotechnique, offer Ukrainian farmers a lucrative loan program for the purchase of modern brands of leading brands. The rates of financing - from 1,8% - are among the most profitable on the market and depend on the term of the loan and the size of the down payment. Traditionally, the bank provides for the possibility of a seasonal deferral of payment for 10 months, and decisions on loans are taken by experts within a few days.

"By developing the direction of agribusiness in a bank, we try to create for clients such conditions that would allow not only profitable, but also as much as possible comfortable and promptly receive financing for the improvement of their production. Therefore, we do not stop developing, expanding and improving partnership programs with leading dealers of agricultural machinery and consumables, "said Andriy Moisjeenko, deputy chairman of the Bank's Credit Dnepr Board. - Today our partner network covers the main agrarian regions of Ukraine, and we continue to expand it. In particular, we offer programs for the purchase of equipment with one more major supplier of modern technology "Donsnab-Agrotechnics".

"Donsnab-Agrotechnics" is represented in Kharkiv, Kropivnitsky, Zaporozhye, Kherson, Poltava, Chernigov, Luhansk and Kyiv oblasts and is the official dealer of Versatile, GASPARDO, Bednar Strom, Mecmar, MaterMacc, Grim, Landoll, dealer of CIS factories: "Autostamp "Agroland", "Korsun", "LKMZ", "Agrotech", Berdyansk plant of agricultural machinery, "Boguslavskaya agricultural machinery", "Promagrolyasing Plus", as well as other enterprises producing agricultural machinery in the countries of near and far abroad.

"For more than 10 years we have been working on the agro-market of Ukraine and have a well-deserved reputation as one of the largest and leading suppliers of machinery. When choosing partners for us, the principles on which they build their activities are also important. Bank Credit Dnepr's development strategy is close to ours. It is important for us to make all processes for the client as efficient and profitable as possible, while maintaining the quality of the service, "said Vitaliy Dubrovin, director of Donsnab-Agrotehnika LLC.


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