Credit Dnepr Bank and Polytechnic Company offer profitable loans for the purchase of agricultural machinery

14 August 2017

Credit Dnepr Bank together with Polytechnic company - one of the leaders of the Ukrainian agrarian market - has developed a loan program for Ukrainian farmers for the purchase of equipment at attractive interest rates. Thus, farmers can purchase high-quality technological equipment and equipment at a rate of 10.2% per annum in hryvnia, with a minimum initial contribution from the client of 10% of the cost of equipment, as well as the possibility of seasonal deferment of payment up to 10 months in a year and a loan term of up to 5 years .

"We continue to find a variety of ways to reduce the cost of loans for representatives of the country's main export industry and believe that partner programs with companies that over the years in the market have gained the reputation of reliable players, which is Polytechnic, is one of the most effective ways of financing Agrarians are convenient and affordable, "said Yevhen Khurilenko, Head of Sales Development at Agribusiness, Bank Credit Dnepr. - We are working to ensure that the loans did not exert serious pressure on the budget indicators of production, but were an instrument for expanding business, improving production processes, etc. "

As noted by the company Polytechnic, now the market of agro-loans began to revive after several years of crisis.

"At the moment, the situation has changed dramatically compared to what was still a year and a half ago. Despite the fact that agribusiness generated income even in the period of economic turbulence, most financial institutions were very cautious about lending to Ukrainian agricultural producers. Accordingly, there were no prerequisites for the more active development of the agrarian sector, - said director of Polytechnic company Anatoly Timko. - Now the situation is transforming, we see that the activation of the market began. Every day more and more banks are ready to lend to the agrarian sector, and agrarians themselves are increasingly beginning to innovate in production. And we are happy that together with one of our partners - the Bank of Credit Dnepr - we can help them with this ».

It should be noted that the Polytechnic Company has been successfully working on the agro-market of Ukraine for 10 years, placing over 10,000 units of modern equipment and equipment for Ukrainian agricultural producers during this period.


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