Credit Dnepr Bank became one of the winners of the "Financial Oscars" at once in two nominations of the business edition "Business"

23 October 2017

Credit Dnepr Bank became one of the winners of the "Financial Oscars" at once in two nominations of the business edition "Business"

Credit Dnepr Bank became one of the winners in two nominations of the Financial Oscar rating of the authoritative business weekly "Business" following the results of the Ukrainian financial market in the first half of the year: the bank entered the top 3 in the nomination "Agrarian Bank" - for achievements in the field of lending and maintenance of companies in the agricultural sector, and also in the top 5 in the nomination "Corporate partner" - for financing the real sector of the economy.

For 20 years the "Business" edition has been implementing the Financial Oscars project, which identifies the best players in the banking and insurance markets of Ukraine. Today, this financial rating is considered one of the most authoritative in Ukraine. Experts determine winners in two stages. At the first stage, applicants for victory determine the editorial, taking into account the performance indicators of the financial institutions, the dynamics of their development and actions on the market. In the second, candidates are evaluated by a competent jury consisting of representatives of financial institutions, rating agencies, business institutions and associations, investment companies, banks, insurance companies, etc.

"The current year is mixed for the banking sector, but of course there are a number of positive trends: the" bankruptcy "has virtually ceased, solvent financial institutions are successfully emerging from the crisis, are looking for growth opportunities using new sectoral financial instruments. Banks included in the current rating, in practice, confirm the effectiveness of their post-crisis models of business development, forming the core of a stable and reliable financial system of the country ", - said editor-in-chief of the magazine" Business "Vyacheslav Mironenko.
Credit Dnepr Bank for the fourth time receives a high estimation of the expert community within the framework of the project "Financial Oscar", in particular twice in a fairly new nomination for "Agrarian Bank", since the first projects in this direction were introduced by the financial institution only in 2016.

"Under the influence of market trends, we shifted the focus from a large corporate to small and medium-sized business, which is less risky in terms of concentration of the loan portfolio. The agricultural sector of the SME is one of the leaders in the economy both in terms of dynamics and profitability. He needs constant financial support, but at the same time he is able to generate profits and, accordingly, maintain his loan portfolio qualitatively. We develop a client base, develop about 20 partner programs with leading distributors of agricultural machinery, have begun systematic cooperation with reputable international financial organizations, IFC and USAID. As a result, the loan portfolio of agribusiness has already grown 5.5 times, exceeding UAH 200 million. And there are even more ambitious plans ahead. On the whole, work in the agrarian segment allows the bank not only to diversify risks, but also to create system value added ", - said Olena Malinska, chairman of the Bank's Board of Directors, Credit Dnepr.
Interview of Elena Malinskaya magazine "Business" about the results and further plans of the bank in the priority segment of small and medium business can be read at the link.


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